Red CANARY Video Production

Video Production Services. Red CANARY specializes in short, powerful videos that inspire viewers to act. Whether you want video for your website or a top-notch TV commercial, the Red CANARY team can make it happen.


Video is one of the most compelling resources available to communicate a message. The Red CANARY team has nearly two decades of experience creating short films, TV commercials, DVDs, documentaries and web based video content.


Video Production Services

  • Scriptwriting and creative development
  • Storyboarding
  • Location scouting
  • Casting and wardrobe
  • HD video shoots
  • Video editing
  • Audio editing
  • Motion graphics
  • Logo animation

TV Commercial Production

  • Award-winning TV advertising
  • Local production with national quality
  • Single commercials
  • Multiple ad series
  • Agency commercials

Promotional Videos

  • Trade show videos
  • Fundraising videos
  • Hotel lobby videos
  • Office reception videos
  • Public service announcements
  • Product Videos

Business Featurettes

  • Branding videos
  • Employee communication videos
  • Small business profile videos
  • Corporate mission/values videos
  • Leadership meeting videos
  • HR training videos

App videos

  • iPhone apps, iPad and mobile apps
  • Desktops apps

Instructional Videos

  • New product introduction videos
  • App videos
  • How-to training videos


  • Webisodes
  • Historical videos
  • Biographical videos

Find out how Red CANARY can help you

If you don’t see the exact video or service you need listed above, please contact our team. We may be able to customize our video production services to meet your requirements.

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