Verdin 24 Hour Give



We’re excited to announce that we are partnering with the San Luis Obispo Marketing Agency Verdin in their 24 Hour Give Project. In the course of  24 hours from 8am on November 20 to 8am on November 21, Verdin will be completing rebranding a worthy non-profit organization. Red CANARY will be complimenting Verdin’s work with a few videos for the non-profit.

To learn more or vote for which non-profit should be selected, go to:

Latest Work: Cloud Star – Because we love them

Dogs are our friends, our furchildren, our partners in life, our guides and helping hands, and so much more. Whether it was the first dog that you had as a child or the dog that is by your side today, each one nuzzles their way into our hearts and we are forever grateful for this. Cloud Star is proud to celebrate 15 years of making healthy and wholesome all natural treats for dogs. We are thankful to our customers, our fans, and most of all, our dogs.

SLO Sheriff Disaster Preparedness Public Service Announcements

With the help of the creative geniunesses at Verdin we recently competed this series of Public Service Announcements for the San Luis Obispo Sherrif’s department. Enjoy!

Are you prepared to evacuate?

Are you prepared for an alien invasion?

Are you prepared for a marshmallow monsoon?

Are you prepared for a cat and dog rainstorm?

Are you prepared for a tri-tip tornado?

Are you prepared for a zombie apocalypse?

When a disaster strikes, are you prepared?